Our Vision is Win-Win-Win

Who said that credit reporting has to be a zero-sum game? And, why are consumers relegated to passive participants when it comes to their own credit?

At Alekto, we think different. Our vision is clear. We understand what everyone wants. Consumers want accurate credit reports. Debt holders want to get paid. And credit bureaus want to minimize erroneous data in their databases.




Credit Bureaus

Alekto aligns the interests of consumers, businesses, and credit bureaus in such a way that creates a
win-win-win outcome for all involved.

Using our patented credit escrow platform, Alekto delivers industry and personal solutions with emphasis on consumer credit cure. Our personal solutions empower consumers to manage tradeline accuracy as they pay past due bills. We partner with Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs) and corporate recovery departments to improve accounts receivable management (ARM) outcomes; delivering on the promise of minimized brand impact and increased customer retention. Alekto helps improve accuracy in credit reporting by introducing itself as a trusted 3rd-party between transactions involving consumers, businesses, and credit bureaus.

US Patent No. 8401960

Alekto is the ONLY company currently offering an Online Credit Escrow Platform. This platform escrows cash, credit report tradelines, and other digital assets in order to ensure atomic consumer and commercial transactions. The patent for this IP was granted in 2013.

Pervasive, systemic gaps

The Federal Trade Commission's conservative estimate suggests that 1 in 20 Americans have serious errors on their credit report. That's well over 10 million people.
Alekto's Founder & CEO was one of them.

Our Team Is Built To Serve

Founded in 2012 by Walter Pinson and Tiffany Smith, Alekto is changing how the world pays past due bills. Poised for major industry disruption, Alekto is building an entrepreneurially driven, forward-thinking management team with signicant experience in technology, receivables management, and customer care.

Walter Pinson
Founder & CEO

I developed my first functional software application when I was 12 years old. It was the result of having overheard my mother lament the drudgery of balancing her checkbook. Thus began my lifelong passion for creating software to solve real-world problems. It should come as no surprise that I obtained a Computer Science degree, graduating from the George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering. Later, I went back to Mason, this time earning an MBA from the School of Business. My professional journey includes Engineer at AOL, Technology Strategist at Microsoft, Chief Software Architect at SMBLive, and owner of a boutique systems integrator. As CEO, I drive Alekto’s vision, strategy, and product development. Despite my being a geek at heart, I love tattoos, motorcycles, skiing big mountains, and vintage hip-hop. On the tamer side, I am always down for 18 holes. I care deeply about consumer issues and Alekto affords me the opportunity for me build a future in which consumers are empowered ensure that their credit reports tradelines are accurate.

James Thomas
Chief Revenue Officer

After attending George Mason University, I began my career with the Washington Post managing its Circulation Call Center. Next, I was fortunate to spend six great years at Capital One where I held various roles; notably General Manager of Merchant Resolution Disputes. I then spent several years leading accounts receivables and sales efforts in the BPO industry as Operations Vice President and Sales Vice President at iQor. Now, I focus on Alekto’s revenue producing functions; leading the sales process, penetrating new markets, and building a sales organization capable of responding to the growing market demand for Alekto’s industry leading solutions. I, along with the rest of “Team Thomas” (my wife, son, and dogs) are avid sports fans, skilled trash talkers, and PT foodies. Carving out a space in the credit cure industry to help create a generation of empowered consumers has me super-excited.

Darren Lyons
Chief Operating Officer

I have spent my career in pursuit of creating excellent customer experiences, managing operations across several industries. After receiving a B.A. in History from George Mason University, I began my career in retail banking. I went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and further learned operations and leadership at Capital One. At Avaya, The Hartford Insurance Group and Teleflora, I held progressive leadership positions. These experiences refined my customer service skills leading large sales, service, collections and back office organizations. I built a vendor program at 1-800-flowers, supporting all contact center operations, consisting of 7 companies in 10 cities across 5 countries. I have literally seen the world through contact centers. Alekto gives me the opportunity to leverage my experience to improve the lives of consumers everywhere. I enjoy spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren while volunteering at my church. Listening to smooth jazz and finding new vegetarian dishes are my favorite pastimes.


Shavonne Dargan

Vice President,
Global Account Management
Live Nation Entertainment

Marketing executive with over 15 years experience shaping strategy, driving revenue, and growing market share in the sports and entertainment industries.

Tim Kim

Vice President,
Call Center Operations
Public Storage

Former VP of Customer Engagement Operations at Experian Consumer Direct, Tim is a seasoned operations executive and results-oriented, consumer services thought leader.

Tiffany Smith

Attorney at Law +
Advocate +

Founder of Trigeminal Neuralgia Association's Young Patients Committee. An advocate for some of the worlds most vulnerable people and bright legal mind.

Alekto was forged in the fires...

...of the North Carolina Research Triangle startup scene.

The Startup Factory

Alekto graduated from The Startup Factory, class of Fall 2012, after having participated in the Bull City Startup Stampede 3.0. The Startup Factory is the most capitalized startup accelerator in the SouthEast. Alekto is also a Microsoft BizSpark graduate as well as a participant in Startup America.

Bull City Startup Stampede

Startup America Partnership

Microsoft BizSpark